Are you a drummer, bass player, guitarist, keyboard player, singer or other rock musician aged 15 – 17?

Have you been playing your instrument for over a year or are at Grade 3 equivalent or above?

Would you like to show what you can do, develop your skills playing with others and meet music students and creatives from other schools and colleges?

Stayfree Music is a cool canalside rehearsal studio where we’re developing a outside seating area and a programme of informal music education. We’re also open for young people playing other instruments like saxophone and violin, who would like to get into playing with rock bands.

Friday Evenings

From July 8th, this weekly club will focus on playing music in groups. Rock 4 Real Youth Club is a Friday night event that focuses on playing music in groups, coaching and mentoring. There’s an hour of targeted input from experts each week, but there’s also the chance to socialise, make new friends and play music in well-equipped rehearsal rooms for up to three hours.


You’ll also develop confidence and awareness which can eventually help you earn extra money as a part-time musician. Even after a few weeks, you may have a ready-formed band with your own songs;


The youth club runs from 6pm to 9pm and there’s parking on site. The first hour is for socialising, developing an outside seating area outside and we’ll often order in pizza, as well as selling soft drinks and other snacks. The coaching, mentoring and music workshops take place from 6:30pm – 8pm, often with a specific focus, but giving everyone a chance to participate and develop their knowledge and skills.


Then, from about 8pm – 9pm you’re free to use Stayfree’s rehearsal rooms to play in groups, watch others or chat outside. The fee is the same whether you attend just the core learning or take advantage of the social aspects and the chance to use the rehearsal space afterwards.

Equipment Provided

The fee of £20 per week covers all mentoring, coaching and workshop leaders, as well as the use of full drum kits, amplifiers and PA system over the four weeks.

Basic guitars, basses and keyboards are available, but you may wish to bring your own instrument.


Rock 4 Real Youth club will be suitable for 15 – 17 year olds who have had some experience with their instrument and are eager to try out being in a band with other teenagers with similar interests and skill level.

This club is for people who want to create original music in a group and have the dedication and maturity to work together. 

Stayfree Music regularly promotes local performances by original bands; Rock 4 Real bands could be given to the opportunity to play at one of the Showcases at a local music venue


There is always an need for bands writing  their own songs. Rock 4 Real Youth Club is the first step towards this. For those young people who have already formed school or college bands, we can offer mentorship or songwriting workshop on request.

Stayfree Music regularly promotes local performances by original bands; Rock 4 Real Youth Club bands could be given to the opportunity to play at one of these Showcases at a local music venue.

Friday Youth Club

£20 per session

Our Friday Youth Club is for more experienced musicians.

If you are a beginner why not try our  Beginners Guitar Club  on a Wednesday morning or ask about other learning opportunity

Places are limited so please book early to avoid disappointment.

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How to find us

We are on the A50 just next to Lock 42 on the Grand Union Canal. Our entrance is at the back of the building.

There is a yard for parking. Its informal but please avoid parking in front of our neighbours shutters as they do require 24 hours access. If you are unsure where to park the receptionist will be able to tell you.

If you put our post code into SatNavs, it often takes you to Slater Street – which is opposite. We recommend using Google Maps and searching for directions to ‘Stayfree Music’

If you are having an difficulty finding us, please call us and the receptionist can give you directions and guide you in.